Performance Tips for ASP.Net

Performance Tips from Microsoft Consulting Team UK.. [Read More]

Correct Usage of Finalize and Dispose

Couple of day back I was reading an article by Jimmy Bogard Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC: Views. Over there I found an interesting thing that is correct usage of finalize and dispose. There are articles that discuss finalize, discuss and garbage collector. So, I will just give a small overview after the correct usage. correct usage is public void Dispose() { Dispose(true); GC.SuppressFinalize(this); } protected virtual void [Read More]

IEnumerable and Datareader 'Yield return' issue

Recently, while working on one of my organization’s project. We wrote a generic extension method on the data reader class that returns the IEnumerable of the generic type.So, essentially what this does is returns an IEnumberable of the objects after reading various values from the datareader.(Dont ask me why are we doing this, why aren’t we using any ORM. We still want to use legacy data [Read More]

Sharp Architecture and Visual Studio 2010

I searched a lot, But was not able to find a bug tracking system based on ASP.Net MVC. So, I decided to build this as my learning project. I decided to use Sharp Architecture to start with.So, first thing is to download it I am using Windows 7 , VS 2010 with MVC 2 installed . So, instructions are specific to that only. [Read More]

ASP.Net Ajax, jQuery,Telerik Controls and jQuery Tools Conflicts

Hi All, As I work for the team that develops reusable components for the whole organization, I found some of these issues and their solutions while using ASP.Net Ajax, jQuery,Telerik Controls and jQuery Tools. First of all, using Telerik control “RadScriptManager” you can add jQuery as they provide a default implementation of jQuery, Now the setup was something like this and I am sure it is a kind [Read More]