Learn Windows Phone 7 Development , Day-4 : Hello! World – Deep Dive 3

In this post I will start from where I left in the last post. So, I will be talking about various application level events in a Windows Phone Application. These events are pretty similar to events in Global.asax.cs in case of ASP.net and Application Object in case of Windows Application. These events are registered in “App.xaml”. If you open **“App.xaml” **in visual studio you will [Read More]

Mocking HttpContext, HttpResponse, HttpRequest, HttpSessionState etc. in ASP.Net

While developing web application using ASP.Net. If one wants to follow TDD, there are a lot challenges that one has to face. One of the challenge is to mock various web based objects like HttpContext, HttpRequest etc.. In this post I will talk about mocking following web based objects HttpContext HttpRequest HttpResponse HttpSessionState ( Page’s Session Property’s Type) HttpApplicationState (Application Property’s Type) To ease the unit testing [Read More]

Learn Windows Phone 7 Development , Day-3 : Hello! World – Deep Dive 2

Today, we will talk about what happens when you compile a Windows Phone 7 application and what is the basic workflow of the application. There will be some concepts which may sound familiar to Silverlight developers. When you compile a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight application, for each “.xaml” file 2 files are generated one with name “Filename.g.cs” and another one for “Filename.i.cs” for example App.xaml [Read More]

Learn Windows Phone 7 Development , Day-2 : Hello! World – Deep Dive 1

Yesterday we build the “Hello! World” application. Today, we will have a look at the files that got created when we created the project. Following is the list of files that are visible in Solution Explorer Visual Studio AppManifest.xml – This is a file used by Silverlight , primary purpose for Silverlight is to store Entry Point assembly name, Entry Point type name and assemblies that are there in “.xap” file( [Read More]

Learn Windows Phone 7 Development , Day-1 : Hello! World

**Disclaimer ::**This series is for people who are already comfortable with Microsoft.Net development doesn’t matter web or windows. Even though Windows Phone Development requires one to know Silverlight. But, Silverlight is not must for this series of tutorials.Since, we will be learning that as well, and this series is only focused on windows phone development in Silverlight, not XNA Framework 4. **Task ::**Write a window phone 7 [Read More]