ASP.NET MVC Routing For WebFom Developers

Today, I will try to explain ASP.NET MVC Routing from prespective of a Webforms developer. Attempt over here is to stay away from page lifecycle and be focused till the instantiation of the page/controller class. ASP.NET Web Forms As such there is no routing in ASP.NET Webforms. But if you look at a page class, often you would have a question how is the [Read More]

How to host mysql server for free in cloud

To have a free your own cloud mysql server, First you need an instance of amazon ec2 which is free for first year of your trial Details First step get an EC2 instance, very simple follow Once you got your ubuntu instance up and running. Install mysql Now it is time to open [Read More]

Setting up PHP debugging for PHPStrom on Ubuntu using xdebug and Chrome

First Install xdebug apt-get install php-xdebug Verify Install using command line php -i | grep xdebug or phpinfo.php , save following in your webroot dir, by default /var/www/ (This is recommended, this will help in future as well) Now, make sure remote_enable is “On” in phpinfo.php page or command line output. if not then sudo vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini at the end of the file add [Read More]

MySql Compare databases schema and data options

Source of the article If you want to compare use following shell script, from the stackover flow question. #!/bin/sh echo "Usage: dbdiff [user1:pass1@dbname1] [user2:pass2@dbname2] [ignore_table1:ignore_table2...]" dump () { up=${1%%@*}; user=${up%%:*}; pass=${up##*:}; dbname=${1##*@}; mysqldump --opt --compact --skip-extended-insert -u $user -p$pass $dbname $table > $2 } rm -f /tmp/db.diff # Compare up=${1% [Read More]